What's Inside my Freezer App Bewertungen

Hate the update

I liked this app well enough before the update. It was useful, and I would have given it 3 or 4 stars. But since the update, I've lost all the numbers. Now I will have to start labeling food with the expiration date, but the 200 items in my freezer before the update don't have the expiration on them. How can I tell which package of hamburger needs to be used first without all the numbers I had written on the packages? Also it would help if you could do large batches. I buy in bulk, but I have to put in an entry for each one pound portion. It would be easier if there was a repeat button, so I don't have to enter the same thing 40 times.

Updated: lightweight enough I use it, but could be so much better

First install and inventory went fairly smoothly, even though I'm on the iOS9 public beta, and the app does just what I'm looking for - it lists what's in the freezer by expiration date. Voice input had problems (non-responsive after first use), but everything else was fine. I wish the food / food groups list was linked over to item entry - that would save a lot of time entering data. An optical scanner for barcodes on purchased items would be a real winner too, as would a little info for what the author thinks distinguishes the "food" label from the item title. Nevertheless, it does the basics without a lot of nagging for peripheral info I'll never use. ———————————— Update - having now used it for six months, it does what it needs to, but could be so much better. 1. The Storage Times / Food Groups section is tedious to use, and it’s far too hard to find what you want. 2. Typically I’ll package leftovers into several containers, one container having enough for one future meal. If I could tell the program I’m doing that and have it generate an identical entry for each of them automatically it would save a lot of time. 3. There’s no way to back up the program’s database - to Dropbox, for example - and therefore no way to move the program and its data to another device. In my case, I’d like to move from my iPad over to my phone, but I’m stuck 4. The developer web site and Facebook page are all in (Spanish? Portuguese?). That’s completely reasonable, but it does present a problem for those of us who only speak English. Yes, I tried Google Translate, and no, in this case that didn’t help Net: if a straightforward program to maintain a list of what’s in your freezer is what you want, this works fine

What did I buy???

Is there a way to sort or tag items?? Can't add location or notes. I have many things in my freezer and need a way to identify and locate them. As far as I can see this is just a list of items that tells you when you need to use them.

Looks good

Nicely laid out app to track food items. It would be nice if there was also a section for pantry items (e.g., canned foods, pasta, beans, rice, crackers, nuts, etc.). Thanks.

Not what I wanted

I was hoping for an easy way to categorize and search. Instead, this is basically a long running list of everything in your fridge sorted by expiration. It requires a lot of scrolling. For example, if I have multiple packages of something it just adds all the items to the running list rather than lumping multiple items together. I would also like to be able to sort by category. So if I am looking for a vegetable to serve with dinner, I could quickly search by veggies instead of scrolling through everything in my freezer to find out what I have.

freezer paper is better than this

the categories are mostly about meat. what about cheese, chocolate. it needs more categories. not user friendly.

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